State Farm: James Harden Has A Microwave Mishap In Chris Paul’s Kitchen

James Harden decides to heat up some Chinese take-out in the microwave. This is a poor choice, since the metal handle causes the microwave to explode and a kitchen fire ensues. We cut to State Farm “agent” Oscar Nunez commenting to Chris Paul that it was a good thing he kept his fire extinguisher up to date. Turns out that it was Chris Paul’s kitchen. Whoops. James tries to deny that he was the one that caused the fire, but beard evidence suggests otherwise.

Geico’s Final Countdown…For The Microwave

I guess it is pretty true to life…I know I do a countdown with the microwave. But for me, this Geico spot featuring Europe’s “The Final Countdown” is just meh. Not bad, just not one of my favorites from this often excellent campaign.

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