Arby’s Is Running An Old Pecan Chicken Salad Commercial

Arby’s does some of its best ads when they’re meta and self-referential. Like in 2014, when they made a hasty spot featuring Pepsi (Arby’s apparently switched to Coke in 2018). Now they’re back with another commercial in the same vein. Arby’s couldn’t make a new Pecan Chicken Salad commercial last month. So they’re running an old one! But update: the sandwich is still perfect and the blurry one doesn’t exist. Haha. By the way, chicken salad is something that’s really grown on me as I’ve gotten older. In case you wanted to know.

Arby’s Has A Song About 2 For $5 Fish Sandwiches

It’s an Olympics-tinged, “We Are The World”-esque song, performed by someone who sounds like Justin Bieber. And as it turns out, the song is all about meat and closes by advertising Arby’s 2 for $5 fish sandwiches. Haha.

Arby’s Just Became Your New Favorite Sports Bar…

…Especially if you don’t like TVs. Or alcohol! This is a simple 15-second spot that cracked me up. Arby’s has really been on fire with their ads in the last few years. Ving Rhames does a fantastic voiceover.


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