Arby’s Just Became Your New Favorite Sports Bar…

…Especially if you don’t like TVs. Or alcohol! This is a simple 15-second spot that cracked me up. Arby’s has really been on fire with their ads in the last few years. Ving Rhames does a fantastic voiceover.



My Sports Bar Would Be Run Better Than ESPN Zone

I was on the other night and saw a banner ad that said something like “Run your own sports bar”. For some reason, I thought it was a contest to win a sports bar and was thus intrigued. Then I checked…and it was an online game for building a sports bar. And no, I’m not playing. I’d like to at least think that I have better things to do with my time.

I saw the commercial for it about 5 times today. Which is what happens when you have SportsCenter on in the background throughout the morning.

The bar fight, naked guy, and puking guy did make me laugh though. And if in case you’ve never been to an actual bar or frat party, the song playing is “Take Me Home Tonight” by Eddie Money.

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