This Commercial Sucks: GMC Goes “One For You, One For Me” On Black Friday

When the revolution comes, I swear it’ll be in part buoyed on by ridiculous ads like Lexus’ “December to Remember” and this GMC Sierra spot. Do normal people buy cars for themselves and their spouses during the holidays like it’s a rational, ho-hum event, and not a big-ticket purchase that requires a lot of planning and conversation? Though judging from the size of their house, maybe buying two GMC Sierras wouldn’t even make a big dent. Of course, if they keep spending like that, maybe they won’t be in that house for too long. Who are they even targeting this commercial to? Ugh, ugh, ugh. If you’re wondering, the husband is played by Daniel di Tomasso, and the wife is Morgan Matthews.


What’s That Song? Part XXIV

Artist: Alyssa Bonagura, Song: “I Make My Own Sunshine”

I like a lot of Lowe’s commercials. They are often very colorful and have nice songs to match. This is another good one. Alyssa’s got a beautiful voice.

Artist: Wolf Gang, Song: “Lions in Cages”

Sweet GMC Terrain ad. Surfing does seems like much more fun than being at work. And the song sounds great…very atmospheric.

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