Secret Deodorant Shows A Woman Proposing To A Man

Proposing has to be one of the most nerve-racking questions that people will ever ask. There are strong implications of when the reply is no, and that’s multiplied by the potential of embarrassment if it’s a highly public proposal (pro tip: don’t do a highly public proposal). But one thing that’s remained pretty much unchanged is that in heterosexual relationships, it’s almost always the man proposing to the woman. Sure, Monica proposed to Chandler on Friends (or started to), but only about 5 percent of those currently married say the woman proposed. So Secret brings the premise of staying cool under pressure to this situation. It’s pretty apparent what’s going on when Andy opens up the fortune cookie. Andy doesn’t seem like the brightest bulb. Look at Claire flipping the script on a centuries-old tradition! Does he say yes?



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5 Responses to Secret Deodorant Shows A Woman Proposing To A Man

  1. Caydence James says:

    Anyone who knows anything about a man knows that this is the worst thing that a woman could do! I swear I think that there’s something wrong with us because despite reality, anytime we want something we always seem to ignore the empirical evidence that constantly stands before us and do the complete opposite! I mean really! Think about it! What time in history have we EVER seen more than a handful of situations where a woman proposes to a man and finds herself in a HAPPY marriage? How many? We think that she is being bold, brave and is single-handedly fighting gender roles (not sure why EVERY gender role has to be fought against) and we completely fail to give the people before us credit to see that they ACTUALLY HAD A REASON WHY THEY DID CERTAIN THINGS! This – the reason why women should not propose to men, is because no matter how much technology changes, no matter how much hormonal disruptions permeates our society and gender roles supposedly change, the nature of a man has NEVER changed! Men who intend to be the man in the relationship have NEVER found it ok with a woman being the one to propose! Why? Because men only go after and obtain what they DECIDE are worth the effort to work for! If you have to propose to him then that means that he either isn’t making a move in that direction or he HAS indicated and shown that he’s making that move. If he ISN’T making that move after a specific amount of time then that means it’s because he doesn’t think it’s worth the effort to have you to himself! Why would you want to marry a man that YOU’D have to convince to marry you? Again if you watch men, you can see what a man looks like when he wants something. he is EXCITED! He is single minded and FOCUSED on only getting what he wants! If you’re not what makes him excied and what he’s working towards and you propose to him then I guarantee that you’ll be the ONLY one working to keep that relationship together for years to come! After all, why would he put effort into the relationship when he didn’t work to make it official? Even if you look at the other possibility – the possibility that if he’s already SPECIFICALLY mentioned that he wants to marry YOU someday….. then why would you rob him and yourself of the experience of him showing you how much he wants to spend his life with you? To jump in front of his proposal is to compete with him and that’s just crazy! Let the man propose! They make up their minds faster than women do anyway so if there’s a chance of a future, he’s going to be sure to scoop you up before anyone else does! That’s his nature!
    Women need to take a page out of a man’s book and notice how even though men don’t necessarily understand WHY we do certain things, they do notice patterns with us! hey know that if they do A then they’ll get B – and they don’t fight against it. They don’t try to wish away the differences instead of working with the what really exists! I guess that’s why I don’t like this commercial- and I particularly don’t like the fact that she’s an AA woman who’s once again being told that she needs to be the man in the relationship. We’re tired. It’s time for men to be men. Stop forcing the issue already!

    • Ms. M says:

      Well said to the T!

    • A. Johnson says:

      Well said sir! I agree with everything you said. I am a Black woman and this commercial saddens me. I feel very strongly about this commercial and the terrible message it is sending. I am going to send a letter to their marketing department to express how I feel about this commercial.

  2. Disgusted says:

    And now he has to wear a dress, plan a wedding, throw a bouquet then push out a child.

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