Skittles Dips Feature Yogurt Boy

Skittles is famous (or infamous) for its wildly surreal ads, and this one falls into that category. A rich young man summons his butler Higgins to get some yogurty Skittles. Higgins dips a Skittle into “Yogurt Boy” and the spoiled brat is satisfied. Skittles are already quite tasty, and adding yogurt sounds just delightful. I’ll have to try ’em sometime.

These Fage Yogurt Commercials Feature The Characters Talking To The Narrator

In a new campaign, Fage has a narrator that delivers a voiceover like in many ads. The difference is that in these, the characters respond. Breaking the fourth wall can be witty, but these spots come across as obnoxious. I would say the “totes, obvi” one is the worst offender. Though the “honey, I’m hearing voices again” guy is pretty amusing.

Yoplait Says To Mom On

Are you someone who has a “live and let live” philosophy about other people, or are you someone who’s more judgmental? I’d venture to say that most would respond that they’re the “live and let live” type even if they truly aren’t, just because it sounds better. In Yoplait’s new spot from 72andSunny, the yogurt brand leans to the non-judgmental side with the tagline “Mom On.” It’s part of a larger campaign with a plethora of videos on YouTube. The ad shows moms doing activities that some might object to…breastfeeding in public, not breastfeeding, working/not working, and bribing the kids all come up, among other things. The woman drinking “mom’s special juice” (wine) is a hoot. It concludes with a mom touting Yoplait over “cage-free Norwegian help milk” stuff, because her daughter loves it. Taking a shot at pretentious organics…nice. So, Mom On! In case you’re wondering, the double stroller mom is played by Jessica Caesar, and the wine mom is Elizabeth Clare.

This Guy Is Far Too Old To Be Eating Danimals At School Lunch

The title says it all. By the way, the Danimals guy is played by 18-year-old Jake Short. So yeah, definitely too old. The other kid’s “yum!” is cringeworthy too.

Yoplait Plenti Goes Down Under

For the last week or so, I’ve constantly been seeing this commercial for Yoplait Plenti greek yogurt on Netflix and YouTube. The song is a remake of Men at Work’s catchy classic “Down Under.”

Stonyfield Says Cheat On Greek

Hooo boy. The prudes won’t like this one. It starts with some women talking with very suggestive innuendos..what could they be talking about? I guess you can come up with your own conclusions. Of course, Stonyfield is talking about their Petite Creme yogurt, which is marketed as an alternative to greek yogurt. And then it concludes with a bleeped F-word. It leaves an impression, for sure.

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