Samsung’s Office Upgrade

Actresses from Comedy Central’s hilarious show Workaholics are getting a lot of commercial airtime lately. There’s acerbic boss Alice (Maribeth Monroe) in this new DirecTV spot. And Alice’s awkward assistant Jillian (Jillian Bell) is in another office setting during this Samsung ad. I hope she learned her lesson about taking credit for other people’s work. Pu pu platter!

Cable DVRs Are Apparently Worse Than DirecTV’s Genie

DirecTV is really pushing Genie, its whole house DVR. Their campaign with the snippy married couple has been extremely popular. Now there’s some new commercials created by Grey New York, with the trademark DirecTV humor. According to the first, cable is worse than the dentist sneezing in your open mouth or getting bitten by a tortoise at the zoo. According to the second (which features Workaholics actress Maribeth Monroe), cable is worse than sitting next to a laughing dummy on a plane or being caught in the middle of a student driver caused accident. And DirecTV is more amazing than simultaneously beating three brawny Scots at pub arm wrestling. Both commercials also have the very attractive Hannah Davis, who looks sort of like an Olson Twin, but isn’t.


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