Chipotle’s Haunting Animated Commercial, Featuring The Vocals Of Fiona Apple

There’s been a whole lot of great long-form work to come out lately, and here’s another. Chipotle isn’t a company that advertises too much, but when they do it tends to be viral-type videos like “Back to the Start.” Their work also tends to get rave reviews. Chipotle’s new spot “The Scarecrow” smells like an award winner. It features a bleak, haunting, dystopian world. I’ll let Adweek do more of the explanation. It’s an incredibly beautiful video. But the real standout is the mesmerizing, hypnotic vocals of Fiona Apple who sings a cover of “Pure Imagination” from the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie. And yes, Fiona’s song will be soon available for download. There’s also a game for “The Scarecrow.” Excellent, excellent stuff.

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