Snickers: Hungry Marilyn Monroe Is Willem Dafoe

One of last year’s most popular Super Bowl commercials featured an angry Danny Trejo who turned out to be a hungry Marcia Brady. Now Snickers is back poking fun at another iconic scene for the Super Bowl. Perhaps if Marilyn Monroe was hungry during the famous skirt blowing scene in The Seven Year Itch, she might have acted like a grumpy Willem Dafoe. Another good one from Snickers.

Jim Beam Gets Epic

This commercial has been around since February, but I saw it for the first time last night. I only really saw the tail end of it, but I had to go online to watch the real thing. There’s a number of versions, including a 30 second spot which was probably the one I saw. But I think this one is the best.

Holy Willem Dafoe! I felt totally blown away after watching this. It somewhat reminds me of a much more cinematic and artistically crisp version of an AT&T commercial I wrote about last month. The gentle backing music that sounds like Explosions in the Sky makes this ad even more powerful.

Maybe Jim Beam’s commercial is being shown more widely since it just won some big awards. There is some irony, since Jim Beam is the world’s best selling bourbon, it really isn’t a “bold choice”. And while drinking Jim Beam does make me more bold, the jury is still out on whether my bold choices are actually good ones. But still, what a commercial!

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