ESPN’s Newest “This Is SportsCenter” Spot Features Aaron Judge Practicing His Home Run Trot At The Gym

Last year, ESPN parted ways with its longtime agency Wieden + Kennedy New York. Their most famous campaign was “This Is SportsCenter”, which had about 400 ads over 20 years. Now, ESPN is working with an in-house agency Creative Works, and its first new “This Is SportsCenter” spots in a year debuted today. Luckily, they still feature the same wry and witty humor that the campaign was renowned for. The ads star New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge. In the longer one, he’s taking a leisurely jog on a treadmill in full uniform at ESPN’s gym. It’s brief…because the treadmill is set to “Home Run Trot.” In the other, he enters a room, and All Rise.


This Is SportsCenter: Katy Perry’s Sharks Revealed!

Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame prediction certainly seems to ring true in this age of social media. We have figures like the sharks in Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime performance, who blew up Twitter, especially Left Shark. And now in Wieden+Kennedy New York’s long-running and always funny “This Is SportsCenter” campaign, we find out the surprising identities of these sharks.

Neil Patrick Harris Wants To Drink A Heineken Light, But Can’t

Contrary to popular belief (I believed it), there are no established rules against drinking alcohol in advertisements. But it’s something you won’t see, and Neil Patrick Harris pokes fun at that in this new Heinkeken commercial created by Wieden+Kennedy New York. Poor NPH. He just wants to drink that Heineken Light.

ESPN: Michael Jordan Is An Average White Guy

Sharing a name with a famous person seems like a drag. I’m not talking about naming your child after a celebrity…that’s just poor parenting. But sometimes people will have a certain name, and then another person with that name comes to fame. I saw a feature on ESPN a few months ago about average dudes around New England who happened to be named Tom Brady. I have a few experiences with that. I am Josh Weinstein. This Josh Weinstein (who also has a certain resemblance to me) used to be a writer/producer for The Simpsons. Of course, that just led to some good-natured jokes in elementary school about how they liked my episode last night. Then in college, I found out about this fictional Josh Weinstein from Entourage, who was a “pen-stealing fuckface”, and derisively called Josh Weinfuck. That was pretty funny too. But what if your name was Michael Jordan and you turned out to be a bland, probably not athletically gifted, white guy? ESPN and Wieden+Kennedy New York tell us the story. And here’s the scoop from AdFreak.

It’s Monday Night: You Know What’s Up

I was thinking of writing a long, in-depth post tonight. Then I remembered it’s Monday night. So instead I’m going to eat Popeyes, drink High Life, and watch Monday Night Football. At least I’m not being negligent like the guys in these hilarious MNF promo commercials, created by Wieden+Kennedy New York. Burning question: In the first video, what IS that animal? It looks like a bear.

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