White Castle And (Bacon) Threesomes

I guess menage a trois suggestions are trendy in advertising these days. Recently, I wrote about HotelTonight’s “Threeday” spot. Now, White Castle is promoting its $3 Bacon Threesomes. These ads are juvenile, attention-grabbing, and also look like they cost about three cents to make.

White Castle Sells Its Chicken Rings In This Amusing Home Shopping Parody

Here’s a funny one from June. White Castle is selling an exquisite collection of 12 chicken rings for only $2.99! And with sauces! The delivery of the hostesses in this one is just great…particularly the semi-psycho eyes of the blonde. The blonde is played by Allegra Edwards, and the brunette is Elyse Brandau.

White Castle Annoyingly Advertises Its Nibblers

I love White Castle. A lot of people think their sliders are gross, but as Harold and Kumar showed us, “The Crave” is a powerful thing. That said, this Nibblers commercial is one of the most grating ads I’ve ever seen. Nibblers, yeah! Just no. Please.

IHOP’s 7 For $7

IHOP. Along with Denny’s, White Castle, Steak ‘n Shake, and Waffle House, it’s a classic 24-hour restaurant that especially caters to the intoxicated. Come to think of it, there’s only a few times I can remember that I’ve gone to IHOP completely sober. This is not a terribly interesting commercial. It’s more of an “informative” type to tell viewers about IHOP’s 7 new meals for under $7. I love meat, but that Bacon-Wrapped Sirloin Steak & Eggs looks nasty…well, the steak at least. But it’s a real sign that I’ve been blogging for a while when the same people are popping up in numerous commercials. Who’s that girl? It’s Allyn Rachel. She’s also been featured as an acutely unaware Facebook user in a Toyota Venza commercial, and a newlywed frustrated by her husband’s McRib addiction.

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