This Whiskas Ad From The UK Featuring A Housecat With The Soul Of A Wildcat

Domestic cats are genetically descended from wildcats. This is the basis of a Whiskas commercial from the UK made by AMV BBDO. It has very nice cinematography and music that evoke a nature documentary, albeit one with a leopard stalking through a suburban backyard. But then, the leopard is spooked by a dog…and it goes back inside and is transformed into a hungry housecat. The advert is narrated by Welsh actor Luke Evans.

Whiskas Shows The Bond Between A Man And His Cat

This is just adorable. And it’s totally believable, as any guy who’s into cats could attest to. Reminds me of my old college apartment living with friends and our kittens/cats who were banned in the lease. But we didn’t care. Miss those little rascals. How has this commercial been around for a year without me knowing about it?

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