That Samsung Commercial With “Where Is My Mind?”

“Where Is My Mind?” seems like the perfect song to use when you’re trying to sell a virtual reality headset, like the Samsung Gear VR. The original version of the song, probably most famous from its use in Fight Club, is by the Pixies. In this spot, it’s a cover by Nada Surf. In any case, it’s a really cool ad. Nice work.

Stand Out With The 2016 Nissan Altima

It’s a pretty sharp Nissan Altima commercial featuring sleek skyline views and a voiceover about standing out that’s supplemented by flashbacks with scenes of nonconformity. I don’t know that the Nissan Altima stands out when it’s quite a popular car, but I digress. This spot has really gotten attention for its unique and mysterious music. Nobody quite seems to know what the song is. Best I can tell, it’s “Marigold” by the Foo Fighters (also recorded by Nirvana), possibly layered with a little “Where Is My Mind?” from the Pixies. If I get a definitive answer, I’ll update this post. As for the Rashida Jones-esque woman in the ad, that’s Brook Power.

Update: The song was specifically created for this commercial by a music house and it isn’t part of a full track. So that’s kinda disappointing.

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