Wells Fargo: Sashimi The Husky Upgraded To A Sweet Pad

Aww. Sashimi is beautiful. And with the help of Wells Fargo and her human, Sashimi was able to upgrade to a sweet pad, complete with a 1200 square foot bathroom (the backyard), plus her very own spa (a bathtub). Sashimi’s “look” is pretty hard to resist. I can’t find this one on YouTube yet, but there’s also a longer version from last year that’s racked up over 11 million views on YouTube. It sounds like Sashimi’s “valley girl” voice has been altered and toned down in the newer version, which is good since it was pretty annoying. Here’s a link to the shortened ad, as well as the original.


Wells Fargo Helps Pay When This Cute Puppy Makes A Mess On Pam’s Rug

In the fall, Wells Fargo had a big hit with their adorable cat commercial. Now they have a short ad demonstrating on easy it is to pay people on your phone. This Golden Retriever puppy had an accident on Pam’s rug, and her owners pay Pam $150 for cleaning. A blog viewer wrote to me asking if I knew who plays Pam. I don’t, but I will definitely add that if I find out.

Wells Fargo: This Cat’s Owner Definitely Did Not Spend $107 At Doggy Lover’s Warehouse

After this woman gets a suspicious activity alert about a $107 charge at Doggy Lover’s Warehouse, her cat looks pissed. Turns out it was fraudulent, and Wells Fargo removes the charge. Her feline friend, however, is still pissed and walks away. At least Wells Fargo didn’t open up a phony account in her name. That we know of, at least. The woman is played by Stacey Farber. I’m a fan of this one.

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