Want Waffles With Swag? Go To IHOP!

There’s nothing really interesting about this ad, aside from the fact that I just saw it and was previously unaware that waffles could have “swag.” Thanks TV, I’m learning so much.


More Like Time Wawwwrner Cable

Aww. A cute girl is looking for her dog, the adorably named Waffles. I think the most striking part of this ad is the setting. With the quaint looking town and the kindly old Mr. D, this is straight out of Norman Rockwell’s America. It seems like this could have taken place anytime in the last 100 years. That is until modern technology saves the day and the happy reunion ensues.

One thing I wonder about is the popularity of phone service from the cable company. When I was in charge of the cable bill at the college apartment, I noticed the cable/internet/phone bundle. But since cable and internet was the same price, getting phone service just seemed redundant, what with cells and all.

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