Volkswagen: This Woman Talks About Moving In…While Moving Out

Volkswagen has been getting a lot of heat for its hooky commercial, and they’re not faring much better with this one. We see a young woman putting furniture and belongings into a Volkswagen Tiguan, while we hear her voiceover about moving in being a big step…a test and an adventure. We’re led to believe that she’s moving in with a significant other, but in a twist, she’s actually leaving her doofy boyfriend Jeff. Turns out that Jeff was too busy playing video games with a virtual reality headset to actually notice that she was leaving. And she makes a happy escape in that Volkswagen with her girlfriends. It’s not getting a lot of fans among people who think “male bashing” is too prevalent in advertising. I’ll update this post with actor/actress info if I can find it.


The Volkswagen Tiguan Meteor Commercial

In a case of bad timing, this Volkswagen Tiguan spot debuted on January 13, the same day that a false missile alert shook Hawaii. Although a meteor is an external event coming from outer space, while missiles/nuclear warfare aren’t, the sense of panic considering current events probably explains some of the negative feedback this ad has been getting. I don’t really have a problem with it…the question of “what would you take in an emergency?” is one that comes up on occasion, and this commercial does a somewhat amusing job of demonstrating just how much can fit in a Volkswagen Tiguan. Regardless, I bet the meteor kills them. Allegra Masters is the wife…anyone know who plays the husband?

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