Volkswagen: Fictional Uncle Edward Has Died Six Times This Year

It can be fun to play hooky from school/work/your responsibilities. But I’ve never made up a death in the family to play hooky. It just seems like tempting fate, because you never know when someone will actually die. That doesn’t stop the family in this Volkswagen Atlas spot though. Zach has to leave school because his poor Uncle Edward has just passed away for the sixth time this year. Of course, the family doesn’t even have an Uncle Edward, and they go to an amusement park. Is it what Uncle Edward would have wanted? What if he was a serious, straight-laced man?


This Grandma And Her Family Take A Road Trip Across America In A Volkswagen Atlas

Volkswagen introduced its biggest SUV, the Atlas, in late March with a humorous tale of the birds and bees that was widely publicized and got mixed reviews. Now, VW is going for a more emotional angle in its new Atlas campaign. The commercial starts with a letter from a dying grandfather to his family. He and his wife hail from Ireland, and he wants his family to take a trip to see America. And that’s just what they do…alongside the pleasant sounds of Simon & Garfunkel’s “America”, the family takes a cross-country trip in their Atlas. We see the country’s breathtaking landscapes, and the grandkids learn more about how they met. The road trip culminates in the clan spreading his ashes at sunset along the rocky Pacific coastline. Aww. There are also a series of shorter spots showing the family’s journey (while of course tying them in with features of the car). By the way, the grandmother is played by seventy-eight-year old Marie Gallagher.

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