AT&T Helps A High School Football Player Say Hello To The World

Pretty cool stuff here on this AT&T 4G ad. After a ridiculously athletic flip during a scrimmage is recorded, the video goes viral. As the video reaches around the world, it gains the attention of University of Oklahoma head football coach Bob Stoops, who suddenly wants to say hello to this promising player. And what’s best is that it’s a real video (or not…whatever, I still like it.)

LG: A Smart Thief, A Supermodel, And A Vacuum Cleaner

LG has a few clever new commercials. Without giving away too much, the first involves a smart thief caught on camera. The second involves a supermodel and a vacuum cleaner (didn’t know LG made vacuums). Both have become viral hits in the last few weeks. While the thief spot is gaining rave reviews, the supermodel/vacuum commercial is much more polarizing. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it pulled…you’ll find out why after watching it. The thief commercial was made by Y&R Amsterdam, while the supermodel/vacuum was the work of Y&R Sydney.

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