UnitedHealthCare: Chuck Norris Has Still Got It!

Remember Chuck Norris Facts? They became popular starting in the mid-2000s, and quite possibly served as an inspiration for Dos Equis’ The Most Interesting Man in the World campaign. The old men at this diner see Chuck Norris and mention some of the “facts” they’ve heard about him. The one old guy bets the other a buck that Chuck can catch a salt shaker that’s quickly chucked at him. Chuck responds with a quick kick, and the salt shaker ends up smacking the old man chucker right in the face (landing right-side up on the table to boot). He ends up going to the doctor with his busted face, presumably where UnitedHealthcare has him covered. It’s a chuckler.




UnitedHealthcare: Steve Goes Pool Vaulting, Injuries Ensue

Say what you will about UnitedHealthcare as an insurance company (people close to me don’t have good things to say), but they do know how to make a funny commercial. Last year, they had big hits with their “Time Of My Life” Dirty Dancing parody, and their Rocky homage. Both of those were hilarious and well-received spots that I never wrote about on here for some reason. This new one doesn’t have a movie reference, but it reflects on faded glory. Steve did track in middle school, but it still isn’t a good idea to use the skimmer to go “pool vaulting.” The result is predictable, but nevertheless amusing. Do not attempt.

UnitedHealthcare Gets Red-Eyed

Being in love is a powerful thing, and it can have bizarre effects on people. Often, it’ll take over your whole mind to the point where it’s difficult to think about anything else. In this ad for UnitedHealthcare, we meet an adolescent male who has a big crush on a girl named Maria. He walks into science class to find out that his lab partner is Maria. This is like the best thing ever when you’re hot for someone (unless you’re incompetent at science like I was). Unfortunately, Maria has a nasty red/pink eye. Why is she even at school? That looks totally contagious. And it is…the boy and his siblings all end up with conjunctivitis AKA pink eye. The mom is played by Carolina Espiro. And the evocative song playing is a cover of Sam Cooke’s “Wonderful World”, probably best known for its usage in Animal House. This version is by Ezra Bell. Very cute commercial.

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