Burger King Brings Its Chicken Parm Sandwich To Little Italy

I chuckled at the guy saying “this is the mecca of Italian food in New York City.” Because it isn’t anymore…Manhattan’s Little Italy is a shadow of what it once was. The real Little Italy in NYC is Bronx’s Arthur Avenue. I do like a good chicken parm sandwich though. This Burger King spot is getting a lot of hate and negative comments on YouTube, with most of them implicating Burger King with inciting violence in the UK. I was quite confused by this, and found the explanation. People complaining about milkshakes…sounds pretty petty to me. And isn’t it ironic that the people who call others snowflakes are the ones that always seem to be offended by everything? But I digress…


Radox Body Wash Makes This Sullen Goth Girl Break Out Into Dance

Gothic teenagers aren’t exactly the type of people you’d expect to break out into an uninhibited, Broadway-esque dance, but that’s exactly what happens in this ad from the UK for Radox. You see, the scent of the Radox was so pleasant that it changed her mood from sullen to chipper, and caused the dancing to the bewilderment of her parents. She even gets her goth friends into it. The effervescent song is “I Will Love You” by the Summer Twins. By the way, Radox sounds like a cross between Raid and Clorox, which isn’t really what I look for in a body wash.

A Tiny Dancer Impresses In This New John Lewis Ad

When you’re home and nobody’s watching (or you’re home alone), you dance. You just do. Tom Cruise did. In this UK commercial for John Lewis’ home insurance, a young girl enthusiastically practices ballet around the house. The only problem is that she’s so passionate about her dancing that she obliviously almost knocks over a ton of the family’s valuable stuff. The song of course is Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”. Which contrary to popular belief contains no mention of Tony Danza. A very well acted and shot commercial.

KFC: Why Not Get Married On Your Lunch Break?

So if you went out on your lunch and sat down next to a woman who was eating the same KFC meal and reading the same book as you, you’d be intrigued, right? In this KFC ad from the UK, created by BBH London, a young couple meets and gets to know each other, culminating in a whirlwind wedding. And all before lunch is over, which fits the premise of “do more with your lunch.” The song is “Where I Fell In Love” by The Capris.

Cute Brothers Love Heinz Beanz

I’m going to include a link to Adweek’s article, since they say pretty much everything I was going to. It’s a real nice spot for Heinz Beanz, a classic comfort food in the UK. Cute and charming without being cheesy.

Vodafone’s “The Kiss” Is A Beautiful Piece Of Film

Sometimes the best commercials don’t feel like commercials at all. I know I’ve said that on here many times, but it really is true. That’s definitely the case with this beautiful new ad for British telecommunications company Vodafone, created by Grey London. As the title indicates, Vodafone’s spot shows a couple’s passionate kiss that extends from adolescence throughout life and into old age. We’re only aware that it’s an advert in the last 10 seconds when the words “good things should last forever” introduce Vodafone Red. Exquisite cinematography, an original-ish idea (the -ish is only there because it’s somewhat reminiscent of this also great KFC ad from South Africa), and haunting music (“Walk” by Ludovico Einaudi) combine for something that definitely feels like an award winner.

This Whiskas Ad From The UK Featuring A Housecat With The Soul Of A Wildcat

Domestic cats are genetically descended from wildcats. This is the basis of a Whiskas commercial from the UK made by AMV BBDO. It has very nice cinematography and music that evoke a nature documentary, albeit one with a leopard stalking through a suburban backyard. But then, the leopard is spooked by a dog…and it goes back inside and is transformed into a hungry housecat. The advert is narrated by Welsh actor Luke Evans.

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