This Commercial Sucks: Stupid People Write Stupid Tweets Celebrating McDonald’s Breakfast

McDonald’s introduced all-day breakfast yesterday, which now ends the frantic rush to get there by 10:30. They don’t have McGriddles on all-day breakfast though, so my interest is reduced. But a lot of people are really happy about it, as evidenced by these new commercials featuring ridiculous real tweets (and a few Facebook statuses) from McDonald’s fans read in a deadpan manner. Ads that use real tweets are inevitably terrible, because the tweets always seem to be written by mouth-breathing idiots. Anyone using the term “bae” should get punched in the face. I get what McDonald’s was going for here, but still, I’m not lovin’ it.

Those Annoying Honda Hashtag Commercials

I used to hate Twitter, but over time, it’s become one of my most visited sites. It’s great for breaking news and to get a pulse on what’s happening in the world. Still, I find myself annoyed by constant tweeters (I don’t need to know EVERY detail of your life) and overuse of hashtags. For some reason, the word “hashtag” just bothers me. Incorporating real tweets is a somewhat interesting and interactive strategy, but I find these new Honda ads to be quite smarmy. “Hands” it is not. And in case you were wondering, the female dealer in the first spot is played by Jen Drohan.

Twitter Gives Me Another Reason Not To Join Twitter

I’ve entertained the thought of getting on Twitter many times in the last 6 months. But every time I think about it, a little part of my soul dies. If people really want to read my stupid thoughts, they can do it on Facebook or on this blog. And Twitter’s first commercial does nothing to change my negative opinions about them. In fact, it strengthens my view of frequent Tweeters as self-absorbed, hipster doofuses (doofi?).

Oh, and try using some original music. Using music from those MLB Network spots and that little Law & Order transition sound (Get it? Because they’re in New York City!) is not original.

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