Chantix’s Slow Turkey Commercial

“Cold turkey” is a weird phrase…have you ever wondered where it originates from? Here’s a possible answer. Anyway, in its new ad, Chantix introduces a leisurely turkey. Since it’s hard to quit smoking cold turkey, Chantix calls it “slow turkey.” And that slow turkey seems to be having a good time. He’s lounging in the pool, reading (History of Flight of course), mowing the lawn, and filling a bird feeder. And he’s slowly quitting smoking! Is Chantix tired of Ray Liotta?


Hormel And Judy Greer Have A Sandwich Tasting Party

I love sandwiches, and I admit I can be somewhat of a snob about them. I’d have a hard time seeing myself buying Hormel Natural Choices lunch meats, what with Boar’s Head widely available. But I did get a bit of a kick of of Hormel’s spot starring Judy Greer and showing her sandwich tasting party. The mockery of the food snobs is amusing, especially with them thoughtfully sniffing the sandwiches. Rebecca Larsen plays the ham lady.


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