Tums Chewy Bites Vs. A Slice Of Pepperoni Pizza At A Skating Rink

Tums has had a number of commercials featuring food fighting the people that just ate them. They’re underratedly funny. In this one, a slice of pepperoni pizza starts whooping a guy’s ass while they’re roller skating. Fortunately, he takes Tums Chewy Bites (which really sound like candy), and soon enough they’re dancing with each other. Huzzah! Also, here’s an amusing one with bacon beating up a guy during a traffic jam.

TUMS Cockslap Heartburn

This was on my short list of future posts because of the very uh…suggestive nature. Actually suggestive is probably the wrong word; this one is downright blatant. Today, I was watching TV with my mom when this commercial came on. Her reaction: “I think they chose the wrong food”. Just remember, TUMS backwards is SMUT.

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