Those Ridiculously Catchy Toyota Prius Jingles

First off, I’d like to apologize to my loyal reader(s) for the lack of postage lately. It’s probably been a combination of me being busier and the current crop of commercials not interesting me as much. But I’m still here, and there’s still good stuff out there. I realized I hadn’t written about these CGI Toyota Prius commercials. The jingle is ridiculously catchy. Same basic jingle in both spots, but different visuals and lyrics. Apparently the Prius family has grown to 4 now. So let’s hum!

What’s That Song? Part XI

Artist: The xx?, Song: “VCR”?

A friend brought this to my attention, as it was written about on Stereogum. It’s a Nokia commercial from India, and the clear implication of the article is that Nokia took the song without permission. They do sound the same. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if Nokia uses an Vanilla Ice-type defense to avoid any potential trouble.

Artist: The Kinks, Song: “Got to Be Free”

What a trippy commercial for the Toyota Prius. I didn’t really notice the song at first since the commercial was so bizarre.  But now that I listen, it’s cool, I guess.

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