HotelTonight Wants You To Have A Threeday (Oh, You Heard Something Else?)

Puns, in particular, saucy puns, are quite common in advertising. Earlier this week, I wrote about a Jack in the Box commercial that’s generating a lot of attention. This HotelTonight spot reminds more of  Sling TV’s “We Are Slingers.” In it, a few women comment to their male friend that they’d love to have a “threeday”, as in a three-day weekend. But in a clever touch, the “d” in “day” is obscured, making it sound like something a bit different. The male friend is left befuddled and intrigued. There are a few other ads from HotelTonight’s Threeday campaign that aren’t on YouTube yet, but you can catch them in Adweek’s article.

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