Sudocrem’s Soothing Panda Ad From The UK

Have you ever wanted to see a commercial where pandas do tai chi along a babbling brook? If so, you’ll probably enjoy this new spot for Sudocrem, which has been soothing families and nappy rash since 1931.


Dreamies Deli-Catz: This Ad With A Cat And A Chick Is Adorable, But Then…

I’m a big fan of watching cute animal videos, especially ones that are of different species being friends. But have you ever wondered what happens when the cameras are off? Is it possible that one could hurt, or even kill/eat the other? Of course it’s possible, but that’s just something most of us don’t really like to think about. Mars owned cat snack Dreamies Deli-Catz has a new spot from the UK, created by adam&eveDDB. It shows a friendly feline and his chick buddy going on endearing adventures. They frolic outside, drink from the same water bowl, chase butterflies, and watch beautiful sunsets. But when they come home, kitty is hungry, and nobody is answering the door. When the door is finally opened, the feathers tell the story. Oof. “Treat your cat before it treats itself” is a fantastic tagline.

Buster The Boxer Stars In The New John Lewis Christmas Advert

Well uhh, current events have made the last few days a tough time (I realize there’s a lot of you who aren’t upset, but if you aren’t upset, you obviously run in a different circle than me). But hey, the new John Lewis Christmas ad just came out…those are always good for some heartwarming emotion. And a lot of views…it’s gotten almost 3.8 million views in less than a day. In this year’s, we meet Buster the Boxer. After his human dad sets up a backyard trampoline as a Christmas surprise for his daughter, he jealously sees wild animals gleefully bouncing around on it. Buster wants in! And so on Christmas morning, he seizes the moment and leaps on the trampoline before she even has a chance. Buster’s having a ball! Nothing revolutionary or groundbreaking, but cute work from John Lewis, created by adam&eveDDB.

The John Lewis Man On The Moon Christmas Commercial That Everyone Loves

UK retailer John Lewis is known for their yearly heartwarming Christmas commercials. They just came out with another one, featuring a young girl giving a gift to a lonely old man on the moon. If you’re reading this blog, there’s a decent chance you’ve already seen it, considering that it’s racked up nearly 9 million views since being released a few days ago. Here’s more about the spot from Adweek.

There Have Been Some Amazing Christmas Ads Coming From The UK

Maybe it’s my associations with A Christmas Carol or Love Actually, but England, and London in particular, has always seemed like a magical place during the holidays. Perhaps that has influenced my views of these fantastic commercials from the UK. Since I’ve been bad with posting lately, I’m just going to touch upon a bit of the British goodness that has come out recently.

Awwww. This adorable story featuring Monty the Penguin is for John Lewis. I think what makes it even better is that we realize the penguin love story is all in the young boy’s imagination, adding a whimsical twist. The song “Real Love” by John Lennon (and sung by Tom Odell) is a perfect fit. This one was released less than two weeks ago, and already has more than 16 million views on YouTube. You’ve probably seen it.

Sainsbury’s has a beautiful spot that seems more like a mini-movie than an ad. It dramatically tells the story of the 1914 Christmas truce between British and German soldiers during World War I. Adweek has more info about the video. It’s also been a big hit, racking up nearly 10 million views in six days.


Cesar Has A Tearjerking Dog Food Ad From The UK

A hat tip to Copyranter here. And yes, I realize that it’s now two posts in a row starring small dogs. But this is just too good not to put on here. This ad for Cesar, created by AMV BBDO is so touching. It’s generally accepted that a pet knows when its owner is in physical or emotional pain, and can go a great job of calming those feelings. And that’s just what happens in this spot. In a beautiful European town (looks like Italy), an elderly man and his dog go about their daily routine. Only this routine includes something that is emotionally draining. But the old man and his trusty canine friend are partners in everything. This is love. It just got real dusty in here.


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