Tuesday Throwback: That Rolling Rock UK Commercial With “Drinking In L.A.”

On the occasion that I write one of these Tuesday Throwback posts, it’s usually about a commercial that I remember. This fun Rolling Rock ad from the UK is one that I hadn’t seen before, but I just randomly found on YouTube. It’s from around 1998 and uses Bran Van 3000’s evocative song “Drinking in L.A.” That tune was popular in the UK…hitting a peak of #3 on the charts. The cinematography and overall style seem heavily influenced by an infamous music video from this era. Do any of my UK readers remember this one?

Tia And Jake Are Happy To Have Found Their Flat On Zoopla

In this cheeky Zoopla advert from the UK, we meet Tia and Jake. As the voiceover from Diane Morgan explains, they just moved into their new flat, and it was the single greatest moment of their lives. So what made them scream with pure joy? Well, as the bouncing picture on the wall and banging sounds might indicate, they’re quite glad to no longer be living with Jake’s parents. The song playing is Heart’s power ballad “Alone.” Elsewhere, Alex is happy to find her new place where she can be free to do exactly what she wants with the place. But eek…it’s quite a fixer-upper.  They’re amusing ads created by agency Lucky Generals.

The Renault Clio Tells A Love Story Over The Years

This is beautiful work for the Renault Clio, created by London’s Publicis Poke. I would say more, but I think it’s better to just let you watch it for yourself. By the way, the gorgeous cover of “Wonderwall” is performed by Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne.


Experian Goes Goth In This Ad From The UK

Because when you think of Experian, you think of goths, right? Experian UK has created a bizarre advert that takes place on what is presumably the London Underground and stars goths. Though the goths all look similar, they’re pared down until we’re left with one, ironically named Joy. Experian explains that while other companies offer similar people similar stuff, they use your credit history to find deals that are right for you, and only you. Weird, but OK.

Sudocrem’s Soothing Panda Ad From The UK

Have you ever wanted to see a commercial where pandas do tai chi along a babbling brook? If so, you’ll probably enjoy this new spot for Sudocrem, which has been soothing families and nappy rash since 1931.

Dreamies Deli-Catz: This Ad With A Cat And A Chick Is Adorable, But Then…

I’m a big fan of watching cute animal videos, especially ones that are of different species being friends. But have you ever wondered what happens when the cameras are off? Is it possible that one could hurt, or even kill/eat the other? Of course it’s possible, but that’s just something most of us don’t really like to think about. Mars owned cat snack Dreamies Deli-Catz has a new spot from the UK, created by adam&eveDDB. It shows a friendly feline and his chick buddy going on endearing adventures. They frolic outside, drink from the same water bowl, chase butterflies, and watch beautiful sunsets. But when they come home, kitty is hungry, and nobody is answering the door. When the door is finally opened, the feathers tell the story. Oof. “Treat your cat before it treats itself” is a fantastic tagline.

Buster The Boxer Stars In The New John Lewis Christmas Advert

Well uhh, current events have made the last few days a tough time (I realize there’s a lot of you who aren’t upset, but if you aren’t upset, you obviously run in a different circle than me). But hey, the new John Lewis Christmas ad just came out…those are always good for some heartwarming emotion. And a lot of views…it’s gotten almost 3.8 million views in less than a day. In this year’s, we meet Buster the Boxer. After his human dad sets up a backyard trampoline as a Christmas surprise for his daughter, he jealously sees wild animals gleefully bouncing around on it. Buster wants in! And so on Christmas morning, he seizes the moment and leaps on the trampoline before she even has a chance. Buster’s having a ball! Nothing revolutionary or groundbreaking, but cute work from John Lewis, created by adam&eveDDB.

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