Tuesday Throwback: Sony’s Shining Star

I was recently in a store, and heard a song that sounded familiar. The song was “Shining Star” by The Manhattans (who strangely enough, formed in Jersey City). The reason it was familiar is that I remembered it from a commercial maybe 10 years back. I wasn’t quite sure what the product was, but I thought it was something like a camcorder. A little Googling, and I found this…

First off, was 2003 that long ago? Because this commercial seems really dated (“Alright, let’s pop in the DVD.”) Definitely more of a ’90s feel. I guess Sony’s DVD Handycam was a pretty new thing back then. That said, it’s a totally cheesy and totally cute ad. Aww, teenage love. Aww, the bratty little sister. And a nice touch from the parents, maybe thinking about themselves in high school. This is the type of commercial that’s easily hateable, but I just can’t. I’m a bit of a softie.

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