Gillette Presents “The Best Men Can Be”

This short film from Gillette is lighting up social media today. 30 years ago, Gillette’s classic “The Best A Man Can Get” campaign made its debut during Super Bowl XXIII.  Now, it tries to redefine “The Best A Man Can Get” in an era of conversation and debate about masculinity. Gillette’s ad presents clips that feature bullying and instances of “toxic masculinity”, including the traditional “boys will be boys” attitude. But with the rise of the Me Too movement, will these behaviors change for the better? Gillette hopes so, because “the boys watching today will be the men of tomorrow.” It’s a thought-provoking (and in my opinion, well-done) piece from Grey New York . It’s also one that has created a ton of division and has been getting pilloried on YouTube. Is that negative reaction a symptom of the problem? Here’s more from Adweek.

Gillette Tells The Story Of Shaquem Griffin

Here’s an uplifting one from Gillette. Shaquem Griffin had his left hand amputated as a 4-year old. He went on to star as a linebacker for the University of Central Florida alongside his twin brother Shaquill, and this year he was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks, where Shaquill already played. Shaquem wasn’t just drafted…he started Seattle’s first game this season. Gillette uses a shaving lesson between Shaquem and his father to launch into his larger story. And “Your Best Never Comes Easy” is a great tagline to go along with Gillette’s iconic “The Best A Man Can Get.” Excellent work from Gillette, created by Grey New York.

Gillette: The Best A Razor Commercial Can Get

I know I usually focus on current ads here, but this Gillette commercial from 1989 is too good to not write about. It’s an absolutely classic take on masculinity, chock full of sports, shaving, and success. Makes me wanna lift up something heavy, eat some meat, and then shave. The song is incredible…it’s very 80s, so a little bit cheesy, but totally inspiring (sorta like the Perfect Strangers theme). And let’s not forget the slogan. “Gillette: The Best a Man Can Get” is about as good as an advertising slogan can get. So yeah, great stuff. This spot came out when I was only 3, but I still remember it. That means it’s something special.

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