Pedigree Shows Women Being Mothers To Their Dogs In This Ad From Thailand

If you have a pet, you might think of him/her as your child. Pets depend on us for love, companionship, and of course food. All of these are things children also seek from their parents. In this Pedigree ad from BBDO Bangkok, we see women caring for and worrying about unseen characters that are implied to be small children. Halfway though, it’s revealed that the children are all dogs. Aww. The dog with injured legs is particularly touching.

True: The Thai Telecommunications Company Has A Touching Ad

This touching, cinematic commercial comes from a seemingly unlikely source: True, a telecommunications conglomerate based in Thailand. Even if you can see the twist ending before it arrives, it still has a moving message that about the value of good deeds. Many are never forgotten. The spot has been getting acclaims around the blogosphere, and on YouTube. As I’m writing this, it has more than 15,000 likes vs. 97 dislikes. Wow.

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