Capital One March Madness: Charles Barkley, Samuel L. Jackson, And Spike Lee Go To Texas

March Madness is back, which also means the return of one of the most beloved ad campaigns. That’s right…it’s time for more Capital One March Madness, with Charles Barkley, Samuel L. Jackson, and Spike Lee. This year, the Final Four will be in San Antonio, so the ads focus on their travels in Texas (#FanAntonio). Chuck is excited about the “A La Mode”, while Sam and Spike inform him that it’s the Alamo (and it doesn’t serve ice cream). Charles also calls an armadillo a “turtle rat.” “The Three Muskamigos” wear goofy Western attire, and sing “Friends In Low Places” while on horseback.  These are just some of the spots from this always entertaining campaign.




Vote The Josh In McDonald’s Texas’ New Contest

McDonald’s has a random ad in Texas that I just came across. It’s a nice idea…you can create your own burger at, and if your entry wins, you’ll get $5,000 plus your burger will be sold at McDonald’s restaurants in Texas. But as someone named Josh, I feel compelled to disagree with this ad’s argument. The Josh is a great name for a burger, and you should vote for it. Sure, it might not look as good as some of the other ones on the commercial, but it’s named The Josh. So it should win. Case closed.

Matthew McConaughey Drives A Lincoln Because He Likes It

Lincoln has debuted a splashy new campaign for the MKC starring Matthew McConaughy. One spot in particular is quite impressive and simple. McConaughy states that he drove a Lincoln long before they paid him, just because he liked it. “I just liked it” is a great tagline. Two of the other ads, one featuring a big bull in the middle of the road, and one with a long monologue don’t work as well for me. These seem to be a little too rambling and faux-philosophic…reminiscent of Brad Pitt’s Chanel commercials. They were shot in McConaughy’s native Texas, and apparently conjure up his True Detective character Rust Cohle (I’ll admit that I’ve never seen True Detective). Lincoln plans to push the campaign hard during football games.

Dodge Wants You To Take (And Find) A Journey: The Midwest

It’s time for the 2nd Dodge Journey. The first was found in the Sierra Nevada, near Sorensens, California. Now it’s in the Midwest, an area where I live, though not according to Dodge’s map. Here’s the clues. They can also be found on Dodge’s YouTube channel.

200 miles: Well, it looks like it’s leaving a major city. It passed though Yukon, OK…a suburb of Oklahoma City. It’s on Route 66. A parade. El Reno, another suburb of Oklahoma City. Crossing a bridge. Dairy Best Drive In, that looks to be in Clinton, OK…still on Route 66. And the Journey is somewhere near a hot air balloon.

150 miles: The world’s largest fried onion hamburger. That’s in El Reno, OK. We were already there. But you might want to eat it “as far away as humanly possible”. Like in a field with a lone tree.

100 miles: This one is tougher. These seem to be cabins in Red Rock Canyon State Park, near Hinton, in west-central Oklahoma.

50 miles: Getting hotter. The Route 66 Museum in Clinton, OK. We’ve discovered that the Journey is definitely in Oklahoma. The 25 mile clue is next, and it’s coming at an unknown time. So I may or may not be here for a real-time update. Contrary to popular belief, I actually do leave the house sometimes.

It’s been found. In the Black Kettle National Grassland, close to Cheyenne, OK.

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