Britain’s Beer Alliance Says “Long Live The Local!”

If you were to think about iconic aspects of everyday British culture, the pub would be high on the list. In this compelling spot from Britain’s Beer Alliance, we see important scenes that play out in the pub, along with a voiceover that grows in urgency. And then there’s the sobering statistic that 3 pubs a day close for good, and that pubs are under increasing tax pressures. It ends with a message to sign the petition to cut the beer tax. Here’s more on this excellent ad, created by Havas London.


TurboTax Says It Doesn’t Take A Genius To Do Your Taxes

It’s the new year, which means tax refund season is rapidly approaching. I love tax refunds…it’s like getting money back for stuff you did last year. I’ve done my taxes since I was 16, and TurboTax has made this seemingly intimidating task quite easy. In this new campaign, TurboTax utilizes real geniuses like theoretical physicists Dr. Michio Kaku and Dr. S. James Gates, Jr and Nobel Laureate Dr. George Smoot to show us average people that you need not be as smart as them to do your taxes. You can do it, guys!

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