Wendy’s Brings Back The ’90s With Its Taco Salad

If you came of age in the ’90s like I did, it’s easy to get nostalgic about that time, especially when comparing it with the festering craphole decade of the 2000s that followed. But while we might look back at the music, TV, and pop culture of the ’90s with rose-colored glasses, a closer look reveals that not all was good. For example, “Macarena”, a terrible song which had an even more hideous dance, was a #1 hit for fourteen weeks back in 1996. Eww.

Wendy’s apparently had a Taco Salad on its menu in the ’90s (I don’t remember this), and now it’s bringing it back. But in these amusing spots from VML, Wendy’s brings up aspects of ’90s life that are best left in the past. They show teenagers embarrassed by their ’90s loving parents. There’s the Cosby sweater wearing dad (played by Robert Maschio AKA “The Todd” from Scrubs) who’s enthralled by dial-up Internet and its accompanying cacophony. We’ve got the mom in a hilarious “talk to the hand” sweatshirt whose still using the cheesy ’90s slang. Like “don’t go there” and “bomb diggity…dot com.” So cool, Mom…NOT! And then the father who covers up his unfortunate frosted hair with an unequally unfortunate hat. It’s a chuckler.

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