Parents Aren’t Perfect In These Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Ads

Nobody is perfect, and that includes parents. Even the best parents screw up sometimes. In these amusingly brief, slice of life spots from Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Kraft Mac & Cheese spotlights some parenting foibles. There’s the overly enthusiastic (and obese) dad who jumps on a bounce house, deflating it and frightening a party of kids. There’s the hockey mom who’s cheering for…someone else’s kid. And the dad who swings his daughter so high that she disappears. Of course, everything is good again after they make the Blue Box for their kids. If only life was that simple.


Tuesday Throwback: The McDonald’s Swing Baby

I haven’t done one of these in more than a month, so now I’m back at it. Anyway, Super Bowl commercials can be tricky. Since it’s such a wide audience, advertisers have to create work with wide appeal. Inevitably, many Super Bowl commercials tend to cater to the lowest-common denominator, and I feel like there’s often only a handful of great spots. This is a popular one from 1996 that I remember fondly. The baby’s in her swing….she’s happy, and then sad. Why? Well, on the upswings, she sees the McDonald’s Golden Arches sign. And on the downswings, it’s gone. Also, that baby is like 19 now.

Tuesday Throwback: Gap’s Khaki Swing

The Gap is a retailer who used to be huge in the commercial world, but not so much anymore. This very 1998 ad from Gap was a memorable moment in pop culture, solidifying khakis as a common pants selection, and propelling the fad of swing revival. The song is Louis Prima’s original recording of “Jump, Jive, An’ Wail” (later covered by The Brian Setzer Orchestra). And in case you were wondering, the dancers are doing the Lindy Hop.

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