Geico Shows An Armada Of Tiny Sushi Boats

These friends are having a great time boating on the lake. Great water, great friends, saving a bunch of money by switching boat insurance to Geico…can it get any better than this? Well maybe, with a tiny armada of sushi boats. Yellow-shirted doofus forgot to pack lunch (his one job) so they might be in luck. The chopsticks, wasabi, and soy boat is coming in a little hot too. I’ll update this post when I find out some of the cast members.

AT&T Says “Just OK Is Not OK”

In this amusing new campaign, AT&T depicts a number of situations where “just OK is not OK.” Like you wouldn’t want your surgeon to be deemed just OK right before you’re about to go under the knife. Or a babysitter that’s just OK with kids…not OK. You wouldn’t want your first tattoo to look OK, and a mechanic that’s OK with brakes? Nope. And don’t even get started on sushi that’s OK. Have I written OK enough in this post? As for actor/actress info, Phoebe Neidhardt plays the babysitter, Cyndi Melendez is the sushi server and Sara Amini plays the “is it fresh?” sushi customer. I’ll add the names of others as I find them.






Geico’s Sketchy Sushi Substitute

Another spot from Geico’s newest campaign. Sushi IS expensive. These parents discovered a cheaper stand-in for sushi. They’re not real proud about it, nor should they be.

Bing + Facebook = A Winning Combination

I’ll admit that I had never gotten on Bing before seeing this ad. But it’s a very smart collaboration. Your friends are often the first people you ask for recommendations, and the commercial amusingly describes why they should be trusted. It also further solidifies Facebook’s dominance over social networking. Remember at the beginning of Facebook when the main purpose seemed to be finding out your crush’s favorite movies and who were in your classes? Seems so long ago. Honestly, I think Google will still be my go-to search engine, but at least Bing is in the picture now.

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