Roush Fenway Has Its Own NASCAR-Flavored SunnyD Parody

This one was sent to me by a reader. I’ve written on here both about the classic SunnyD commercial from the ’90s, and its updated version from last year. Now, since SunnyD is a sponsor for NASCAR’s Roush Fenway team, there’s a new spot that’s a parody of the original. It stars NASCAR drivers Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Chris Buescher, alongside Fox NASCAR’s Andrew Doud and Kaitlyn Vincie. I chuckled at Doud’s “mega gnarly Mrs. V.” And yet, the mystery of what the purple stuff was still remains.

Those SunnyD Kids From The ’90s Are Back As Adults

Back in 1991, SunnyD debuted a commercial that would be played for years on kids’ TV. The best way to describe the ad would have to be “very 90s.” Dave Chappelle even did a did a bit about the infamous “purple stuff” line. Now there’s a hilarious remake. The kids (not the same actors) are now adults. Very, very stunted adults. The now elderly Mrs. B offers a great zinger: “You’re 36. You need a job.” Love it.

Tuesday Throwback: What Was The Purple Stuff In The SunnyD Commercial?

I wanna know! Dave Chappelle has some thoughts.

Blast From The Past: SunnyD’s Big Mystery

Years later, the question still burns. WHAT WAS THE PURPLE STUFF?

Also, I miss Dave Chappelle.

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