That McDonald’s Summertime Commercial

In my opinion, summer is an overrated season. I’m not in school anymore, so there’s no summer break. It’s hot and sweaty, which also makes where I live (NYC) smell just awful. And then there’s also a weird societal pressure to have unrealistic amounts of fun and adventure. So yes…overrated. McDonald’s collects the downsides of the season into this new spot, which is basically just a montage of summer suckiness. Saying that eating a McDonald’s Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder is an “easier way to enjoy summer” is a bit of tenuous connection, but I do appreciate the commercial’s ironic imagery. The song is “Summertime, Summertime” by The Jamies.

That Infiniti Summer Nights Commercial

My entry on Infiniti’s QX50 ad has been one of my most popular and polarizing posts lately. Now, Infiniti has another new commercial that also combines striking visuals of summer fun with a distinctive song. But this time, the sound seems more on-brand for Infiniti. The song is “Summer” by Moonlight Breakfast, and it’s a real toe-tapper.


Tuesday Throwback: The Stars Will Always Shine, The Birds Will Always Sing…For Coca-Cola

Songs and jingles can be very catchy. That’s why they’ve been used so often in advertising and to teach children educational concepts (think Schoolhouse Rock). Today the verse “the stars will always shine/the birds will always sing/as long as there is thirst, there’s always the real thing” randomly came into my head. Maybe because this was a summer Coca-Cola commercial. Quintessential early ’90s song and visuals. So catchy. It also really sounds like Michael Jackson, but of course it isn’t, since he was a Pepsi pitchman.

Tuesday Throwback: Sprite Cools Down Summer Hoops

And we’re back! I thought about this commercial today as I was drinking a can of Sprite. I’ve already written about a Sprite commercial on Tuesday Throwback, so I guess they have really memorable retro ads. Anyway, I think I remember this one playing a lot in the summer. ’06-07 maybe? It says it was uploaded in October 2006, so that might be right. I really like the visuals. You can totally see the sweltering summer sun and heat in that urban basketball court. I hope that’s water they’re jumping into, not Sprite. That would be sticky. Of course, the commercial is made by the chill, smooth song. It’s “Falling Away” by Hugh Wilson. I always thought it was “Falling Awake” (i.e. I’m falling awake with you), but apparently not.

Kingsford Makes Grilling Seem Glum

I know what Kingsford is going for in this spot and “slow down and grill” isn’t a bad tagline, but this one just seems very depressing to me. The people are smiling and seem like they’re having a good time, but the tune is a total buzzkill. What’s next? Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah”? (an amazing song by the way but not so jaunty). I was going to draw a comparison between Weber’s ad that’s been getting a lot of airtime (I wrote about it here), but then I realized that comparing commercials between gas and charcoal grilling isn’t the best idea. But still. Kingsford…your charcoal makes for tasty barbeque, but stop making me feel sad.

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