Drink Some Folgers Coffee After Accidentally Walking In On Your Father-In-Law In The Shower

The Folgers Christmas/holiday commercial that evokes memories for me and so many others is the one where Peter comes home. Folgers has done just a slight pivot away from that heartwarming/cheesy sentiment in this new spot, and goes for humor instead. You have to be more careful when you think you’re surprising your husband in the shower. It might be your father-in-law Steve. The worst part is that you just just started calling him Dad…eek. But you can all hash out the awkwardness with a nice cup of Folgers. The best part of waking up, right? It’s amusing and a fun song to boot.


UnitedHealthcare: Steve Goes Pool Vaulting, Injuries Ensue

Say what you will about UnitedHealthcare as an insurance company (people close to me don’t have good things to say), but they do know how to make a funny commercial. Last year, they had big hits with their “Time Of My Life” Dirty Dancing parody, and their Rocky homage. Both of those were hilarious and well-received spots that I never wrote about on here for some reason. This new one doesn’t have a movie reference, but it reflects on faded glory. Steve did track in middle school, but it still isn’t a good idea to use the skimmer to go “pool vaulting.” The result is predictable, but nevertheless amusing. Do not attempt.

People Who Eat Snickers Taste Better To Sharks

Made me laugh.

And incidentally, shark attacks are increasing in the United States.

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