DirecTV’s Painfully Awkward Rob Lowe Offends Shy Pee-ers

DirecTV has been running this campaign starring Rob Lowe. In it, a normal version of Rob Lowe has DirecTV, and a deficient one has cable. The first one had creepy Rob Lowe. I didn’t write about it, but you saw it. Now, it’s painfully awkward Rob Lowe. And it’s stirring up a lil’ controversy. You see, painfully awkward Rob Lowe can’t go with other people in the room. Paruesis, often called shy bladder syndrome, is a condition that affects about seven percent of American citizens. Here’s an interview with Steve Soiffer, head of the International Paruresis Association, where he explains why this commercial is offensive. The spot makes me laugh, but it has a whole lot of angry comments on YouTube.

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