Head & Shoulders Shows A Same-Sex Couple At A School Dance

In its new campaign “Headstrong”, Head & Shoulders presents a series of ads where characters stop doubting and are their true selves. I guess Head & Shoulders helps that by giving them flake-free hair. Anyway, in one, we see a teenage girl step out of a limo and give a corsage to her date. Her date, as it turns out, is another teenage girl. Elsewhere, a Patriots fan and Steelers fan put aside their sports rivalry to make out when they’re both on the Kiss Cam. The song playing is “Superhuman” by Campfire featuring Shane Eli.


That Pizza Hut Commercial With Excited Steelers Fans

Wrong, you’re not raising her right, because she roots for the Steelers. Yeah, I’m a Bengals fan. By the way, father and daughter are played by a real-life dad/daughter duo: Joshua and Jaidyn Triplett.

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