Starbucks Dethrones The King and Smacks Down Wendy

Whenever I see or hear anything about Starbucks doing well, it reminds me a scene from an episode of The Simpsons.

This episode is from 1998, when Starbucks was growing at an astonishing rate. In the last few years, that growth has slowed, and many locations closed. But it now appears that Starbucks is on its way back up, passing Burger King and Wendy’s to become the 3rd highest earning restaurant chain in the United States.

Fun fact: The biggest city in the country without a Starbucks is Waltham, Massachusetts (population 60,000, also home to my alma mater Brandeis University). Many have bemoaned the expansion of Starbucks, stating that it is pushing independent coffeehouses out of business. Honestly, I don’t have much feeling about this, since I am not a coffee fan (let’s say it just isn’t my cup of tea) and I don’t have an emotional connection to a Central Perk. When I’ve been there in the past, I have usually just had a juice or water, and maybe a pastry if I’m feeling Rockefeller-esque. I view Starbucks’ move (both in earnings and in actual serving size) from a venti  to an even more imposing trenta with a shrug of the shoulders.

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