AT&T: Boy Bands Without Dancing Are Just OK

Well, I’m back after an unplanned hiatus. AT&T continues its “Just OK Is Not OK” campaign with this spot that features a confounding boy band. See, they sing catchy songs…but they don’t dance. They just stand in a still, robotic pose. And that’s just pretty awkward. What’s also awkward is that dad’s dancing…eek. Judging from the comments on this ad, people really like the song about a summertime lover. The actor/actress list for this one is quite long, so I’ll just link to iSpot’s info.

Spotify: “Havana” Causes Horrifying Havoc

Camilla Cabello’s “Havana” is a catchy song. That’s why these roommates put it on their Spotify wake-up playlist. But if playing it caused a possessed doll to appear, you’d stop playing it, right? It’s a funny spot from Spotify’s new campaign, which also features an action sequence set to Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.” Haha.






Capital One And Spotify Partner To Have Samuel L. Jackson Croon “Let’s Stay Together”

It’s not as good as Capital One’s March Madness campaign, but still pretty entertaining. The song, of course, is Al Green’s classic “Let’s Stay Together.” Take it away, Sam.

Spotify: This Grizzled Fisherman Jams To Justin Bieber

According to Spotify, no other artist has currently more new daily listeners than Justin Bieber. So of course there will be some surprises of who’s listening. The dissonance of the weathered fisherman listening to Justin Bieber’s “Company” is a chuckler. But Beliebers are everywhere, even in the hard and unforgiving sea.

Spotify Wants You To Listen To Flo Rida’s “My House” If You Move To Canada This November

In recent years, “I’m moving to Canada” has become an annoyingly common thing to say in America in response to the impending election of a president you don’t want. It’s back due to this guy (and to a lesser extent, this Canadian-born guy).  Of course, it’s an empty threat since very few people actually go through with it. Becoming an ex-pat typically is a bit more complicated than the uninformed masses suggest. So while the concept of leaving America because democracy worked (for better or worse) irritates me, this Spotify commercial gives me the chuckles. It shows a couple hauling their house on the flatbed of a truck, while jamming to Flo Rida’s very fun track “My House.”

Singing Animals: +1 For Geico

Loving this campaign. And here’s another spot. Hit it, Mr. Butters!

Many ads are funny, but this is one of the relatively few that made me laugh out loud. A bird and a dog performing “Take On Me“, an iconic song of the ’80s. It’s bizarre, but wow does it work. And if the blandly dressed woman thinks downloading music is too expensive, she should try Spotify.

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