DraftKings Sportsbook And Charles Barkley

On a plane, “Dr. Aftkings” observes Charles Barkley taking a close look at his phone and diagnoses him with a bad case of “single game fixatia.” It’s where you’re too focused on just one game. The cure is Draftkings new Sportsbook app. See, sports betting has been legalized in a few states with many more following, so it makes sense that DraftKings would be getting in on the act.  Charles already has the app though, he already won, and now he’s watching a documentary on horseshoe crabs. Also, Dr. Aftkings isn’t a real doctor. Is Charles Barkley the best spokesman for gambling? On the one hand, he’s famous, super charismatic, and a well-known gambler. On the other, he’s lost massive amounts of money on gambling. Hmm. By the way, Sportsbook is only operating in New Jersey right now, but presumably it’ll go to more states soon.

Liberty Mutual Has Humans Suffering Funny Sports Related Accidents

A continuation of Liberty Mutual’s very popular “Humans” spot created by Hill Holliday, but with a sports theme. It’s been getting a whole lot of airtime during the NCAA Tournament (you can tell what I’ve been watching). Makes me laugh out loud. I think the football knocking over the grill causing the car to be engulfed in flames is the funniest one. The guy who threw the football has a priceless expression. Naturally, a commercial about the foibles of humans would contain the cheesy and likable “Human” by The Human League.

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