Southwest Airlines: The Forensics Guy Ruins Everything

What is that weird wooden thing in that field? It’s trying to tell those detectives something. They want to wait to see what forensics thinks. Forensics flies in on a helicopter…and whoops. Wanna get away? Southwest’s got you covered.

Southwest Airlines: Actually This Basketball Team Is Flying Back Today

When you’re a coach, you give inspirational speeches. This basketball coach for “State” believes in his team so much that he booked tickets for them all the way to the championship game. They’re NOT FLYING HOME TODAY. Except that they lose, and they are flying home today. At least Southwest Airlines doesn’t have change fees. Haha. Bill Birch plays the coach.

Southwest’s Wanna Get Away: This Man Mistakes A Long-Haired Dog For A Beautiful Lady At A Ball

He spots the beautiful blonde from across the room, approaches with champagne, and then…it’s actually an Afghan Hound. Don’t you hate when that happens? Here’s Southwest Airlines’ classy and hilarious new “Wanna Get Away” ad, as well as a behind-the-scenes with the dog.

Southwest’s Wanna Get Away: I Am Fenwick

This one is a chuckler, especially if you’ve seen Spartacus. Poor Fenwick…and poor, stupid guy that reveals Fenwick. Coulda just rotated your shield, buddy. I bet they both wanna get away.


Southwest Airlines Brings Back “Wanna Get Away”

Southwest Airlines’ “Wanna Get Away” was a well-loved and prolific campaign that ran for 10 years. I think the spots worked so well because they combined universally undesirable scenarios (awkward and uncomfortable situations) with an obvious product benefit (Southwest’s flights are so cheap that you can make a quick escape). So now they’re bringing it back with a new “Wanna Get Away” campaign. The first spot shows a secret witness whose identity is revealed by a hapless production assistant during a live interview. Southwest also has a social component to the campaign, where people can tweet #WannaGetAway with their embarrassing stories for a chance to win a getaway to an island off the cost of Belize.

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