This Is SportsCenter: Katy Perry’s Sharks Revealed!

Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame prediction certainly seems to ring true in this age of social media. We have figures like the sharks in Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime performance, who blew up Twitter, especially Left Shark. And now in Wieden+Kennedy New York’s long-running and always funny “This Is SportsCenter” campaign, we find out the surprising identities of these sharks.

Discovery Channel: Snuffy The Seal Is No Match For A Hungry Shark

Discovery Channel’s perennially popular Shark Week will start on August 4th. I don’t have cable, but I’m sure it will be sharktastic or something. This new Shark Week promo has been getting a lot of buzz lately. While I do feel bad for Snuffy the Seal, I found it to be an hilarious and effective ad. Some people even thought it was real because of the newscast format. Some people are really stupid.

People Who Eat Snickers Taste Better To Sharks

Made me laugh.

And incidentally, shark attacks are increasing in the United States.

Gillette Has The Razor That Won’t Attract Sharks

This is a useful ad in case you were planning on shaving in shark infested waters.

OK. I also find it weird that Gillette pits their own products against each other. Why wouldn’t they just say “leading disposable” instead of  “leading Gillette disposable”? That said, I own a Gillette Fusion ProGlide, and it’s the best razor I’ve ever had. It really DOES feel like gliding and it “feels good on my sensitive skin”.

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