This Johnnie Walker Spec Ad Is Spectacular

Big hat tip to AdFreak for this great one. It was directed by Daniel Titz and Dorian Lebherz, who are both students at Germany’s Film Academy of Baden-Württemberg. Their Johnnie Walker spec spot “Dear Brother” follows two brothers traversing the wild locale of Scotland’s Isle of Skye, their childhood home. The melancholy, foggy setting reminds me of another great whiskey spot for Tullamore Dew. A wistful voiceover speaks of “being free” and towards the end that notion of freedom takes on a new meaning. The brothers are played by Robin Guiver and Matthew Lewis-Carter. Cinematography, copy, and music…all simply fantastic. Methinks these guys will go far.

Scotts Can Make Your Lawn Irish Green

It’s spring, so many people are once again thinking about the greenness of their grass. And with a brand called Scotts, who better to be a spokesman than an actual Scot? Scott is played by Phil McKee, who is indeed Scottish.

The only thing that would make these commercials better? Groundskeeper Willie!

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