AT&T: This Woman Sends Emails To Santa

In an ad from this fall that’s since been removed, a man and woman chatted in the AT&T Innovations lab. It came up that the woman made out with Santa at the office holiday party, but that Santa ghosted him. Well, she apparently still emails Santa. But she’s not comfortable sharing his email address. The woman is played by Mary Holland…anyone know who plays the man?

Air New Zealand’s Christmas Commercial Features Kids Who Are On Santa’s Naughty List

I’ve been getting an oddly large amount of views from New Zealand lately, so here’s an cute Christmas ad from New Zealand. Santa’s compiling his naughty/nice list, and he’s gonna email it to the elves. But whoops! He’s accidentally sent it to Elvis Anderson. We see Elvis Anderson in detention somewhere in New Zealand, and Elvis discovers that he’s on the naughty list, along with his detention chums. So they decide to do something. They end up holding a summit, with children worldwide who are on the naughty list. Amazingly, all the children converge on New Zealand, and “The Summit of Naughty Kids” begins. They decide to do good deeds to tip their favor back to the nice side. Except for the USA kid, a clear Donald Trump parody with a red “Make Christmas Great Again” hat, who claims that he’s the nicest person he knows. Hahaha…nice reference. Elvis then takes the mic and announces that New Zealand promises to do all their chores, spend less time on their phones, and be nicer to Australia. And with that, they’re on the nice list! Yay!

AT&T: This Woman Made Out With Santa, And There’s Video

With the new iPhone on AT&T, you can get the best in entertainment. TV and videos, music…and that video of this woman at the office party. You know, the one where she made out with Santa. Though Santa ghosted her shortly after. It’s a pretty dumb commercial, and also one that I’m sure the conservative fuddy-duddy types will be all riled up about. The woman is played by Mary Holland.


After Santa And Red Faint, The Yellow M&M Unexpectedly Saves Christmas

The holiday season is a time of traditions, and the advertising world is no different. Numerous holiday commercials are played year after year, to the point where it would feel weird not to have them around. Off the top of my head, I can think of classic spots from Hershey’s Kisses, Campbell’s Soup, and Folgers. Another one is the M&Ms ad where  Santa Claus meets the Red and Yellow M&Ms. You’ll recall that Santa and Red both faint upon realizing that they do exist, and Yellow is left concerned. This one’s been playing since 1996, and now French agency CLM BBDO has created a followup. The doofy Yellow sets out to save Christmas, but runs into some problems. But as it turns out, he’s brought people together and made it even better. Here’s more from Adweek.

Samsung: Mrs. Claus Made Santa A Video

This is exactly the same as Samsung’s original “Work Trip” spot. But the fact that it’s Mrs. Claus making a dirty video for Santa makes it much more uncomfortable.

Comments from friends: “NSFW = Not Safe For Workshop”, “She is such a ho-ho-ho”. Heh.

And I guess while we’re at it, here’s the Samsung commercial with a possibly drunk guy dressed as Santa falling off the staircase railing. If I wore a Santa suit, it would probably end up like this.

Best Buy Vs. Santa

The new Best Buy commercials featuring people foiling Santa Claus have been getting a lot of negative feedback and are being criticized as mean-spirited. Maybe it’s the whole Jewish thing, but I find them to be witty and amusing. They’re a little snotty, especially with the “Game On, Santa” tagline, but they work for me. Maybe I’m lacking a soul. Or maybe I just don’t care when a fictional character is dissed. Whatever.

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