Chase: Jason Wu Has A Cute, Fat Cat

Designer Jason Wu is a natural while putting on a runway show for New York Fashion Week. And he also sets up recurring payments for cat sitting to his neighbor Emma with the Chase mobile app. $100 for cat sitting? Sounds good! That is one cute kitty (adorably named Peaches), who’s “now ready for the catwalk.” The cat looks like she’s smiling at the end…is that real or simulated? Meow! Emma is quite cute too. Anyone know who plays her?


Geico: Runway Models On An Airport Runway Are Surprising

Flight delays aren’t surprising at all…the last two times I’ve flown, there have been massive delays. But if you were delayed because of runway models on the runway, yeah, that would be surprising. The ground crew is getting really into the show. And contrary to what that one passenger thinks, I bet the lace looks nice on the model.

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