Charlize Theron Excels In Bar Games During Budweiser’s Oscars Commercial

The lovely Charlize Theron is at a dive bar, about to sip on a Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager like any regular Jane. Suddenly, Charlize spots some drunken bros causing a ruckus at the pool table and decides it’s time to regulate, lest they ruin her classy drankin’. She walks to the juke box with her beer, passes the curious bartender (is that Bubbles from The Wire?) and puts on Run-DMC’s “It’s Tricky.” Then Charlize releases her own bag of tricks, complete with some skillful pool shots, a darts bullseye, a record high score in a boxing game, and an arm wrestling victory. She’s so talented…and all without spilling a drop of her delicious, delicious Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager. In the last few seconds, we pan back to Charlize at the bar. Was it all a fantasy? Is she getting up to do all these things? Are we really to believe that Charlize Theron could sit alone at a dive bar without getting hit on? Will we ever know? According to Ad Age, Budweiser was planning to air a 30-second version of this spot during the Super Bowl, but decided to expand it to 60 seconds and hold off on airing it until the Oscars.


What’s That Song? Part II

People always want to know about commercial tunes, so I think I’ll make this a weekly feature. What’s That Song? Fridays.

Artist: Iggy Pop, Song: “The Passenger”

Love it. One of my favorite current commercials. Drinking Captain Morgan is fun. Being a pirate is also fun, especially when it’s the romanticized type with spontaneous wench-filled parties on the high seas. A great choice of song complements this ad. Though as we learned from that South Park episode, real piracy isn’t such a good time.

Artist: Run DMC, Song: “It’s Like That”

Artist: The Knocks, Song: “Make It Better”

Another sweet summer commercial. More than drinking Corona Light, this ad really makes me want to go to a rooftop party. I really like the cinematography too…the skyline at night just pops.

Artist: Real McCoy, Song: “Another Night”

Lest ye think of me as some kind of drunk, I’ll include a non-alcohol advertisement. Though truthfully, the posts about alcohol commercials always get the most views on my blog. Anyway, this spot for Farmers Insurance is pretty amusing. And the song is a cheesy ’90s classic.

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