Dudes Named Ronald McDonald Love Taco Bell’s New Breakfast

Today, Taco Bell launched its new breakfast, featuring items such as the AM Crunchwrap and the much hyped Waffle Taco. Since my personal experiences with Taco Bell are mostly a soupy mixture of disappointment, poor life decisions, and indigestion, I’m pretty wary of their food (except the Cinnabon Delights, those are amazing). Indeed, many early reviews coming in are ranging from mediocre to quite bad. But their new commercials, directed by Errol Morris, and created by Deutsch L.A. are pretty brilliant and funny. They feature random guys with the unfortunate name of Ronald McDonald finally putting their names to good use. And they’re big fans of Taco Bell’s new breakfast.

3/30 update: Some critics note that this idea was also funny when Jack in the Box did it 12 years ago.

Tuesday Throwback: Ronald McDonald Believes In Magic

So I heard the original “Do You Believe in Magic” by The Lovin’ Spoonful a few days ago, and my mind immediately went to this 1992 McDonald’s ad. Ronald McDonald lets us know that you’ll always have a friend with big red shoes (that line has always been memorable for me). It’s catchy as hell and cheesy as hell, like a whole lot of stuff from the ’80s and ’90s. Also, clowns are creepy. I’ve put up a slightly altered version of this commercial to demonstrate. Look out for the last 10 seconds.

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