Ram Trucks: America’s Game Is Work

“America’s Game Is Work”….eesh. That might be the most dystopian and depressing tagline I’ve ever heard. This Ram Trucks ad is pretty much a blue-collar version of that ridiculous Cadillac commercial from years back. Greta Van Fleet’s “Highway Tune” is the song playing in the background. Also, why are you reading this? Go back to work!


Ram Trucks Praises The Work And The Workers Who Do It

At first glance, this spot for Ram Trucks, aptly named “Praise”, just looks like a tribute to the oft-overlooked blue-collar workers of America…a group who just may have delivered an election win for Donald Trump. But look closer and it also references the worker with a green card, and the tired single mother. In any case, this is a well-written ad with evocative imagery. Nice work from The Richards Group.

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